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03-17-2014 12:19 PM
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Last Post: Papkee
02-18-2014 12:54 PM
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02-12-2014 09:53 PM
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Survival for the New Generation
Welcome to AxelCraft, a new server where we push the limits of survival and creativity. AxelCraft is where you can explore the wilderness and survive on your own, or take to the town buying and selling blocks and items while you build the house of your dream. Wanna get started right now? Sign up for the forums and we'll give you the IP and put you on the whitelist ASAP.

  [3-17-14] Yes, we're still here

Hello all,

Unfortunately things have been very slow here at AxelCraft. We've hit a dead point in the building process and we're struggling to find interest in the server.

Bear with us while we get things straightened back out. Thanks.

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  [2-18-14] More Progress, no?

Well I've been trying to stick to a consistent news schedule, but it looks like that isn't going to happen so here we go.

The spawn is nearing completion. We've also started work on the survival area and the residential district as well. The shops are starting to take shape, and we've got a crazy builder, BudgieWhisperer, who's been building a ton of awesome stuff for us.

Now there have been a few setbacks. Our original goal of having an automatic whitelist for forum members isn't gonna work with our current host. Oh well. We've also had some issues with permissions and protection and stuff like that, but our devs are working on sorting all that out.

Until next time my friends, I bid you adieu.

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  [2-12-14] AxelCraft Livemap!

[Image: mapimage.jpg]

We've got a map, a map, a map. ~

Just point your browser to and enjoy the fun. Log on to the server at the same time and say hi to yourself.

We've been working on a lot on the server, so now you can see what we've got done so far.


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  [2-9-14] There Goes the Promise of Weekly News

Although I suppose when the server's not even public news isn't really necessary.

Welcome to week four of the AxelCraft server's rebuilding. We've been doing a ton of stuff since I last checked in, and we're getting close to launch. There's been tears, hardships, and many tongue-in-cheek arguments amongst the staff. Even with all this drama, we've managed to actually get some sh*t done.

Itemized List of Sh*t We Managed To Get Done
-Shops DONE
-Forums DONE
-Domain Routing DONE
-Rules DONE
-Plugins DONE-ish

So yeah, we've been busy. Stay tuned for more updates and stuff like that.


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  [1-17-14] Updates! Progress and the Like.

Well, we've been making slow and steady progress here at AxelCraft, and I'm pleased to say we will commence building of the server within the coming weeks. Funds have been allocated, and we're starting to find builders and staff.

Speaking of which, if you'd like to be awesome and offer up your skills to us, drop me or Chris a line at or We'd love to work with you.

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